>W = 100c – T …

>… where W is word count, T is temperature and c is a constant the value of which I haven’t quite worked out yet. My basis for this theory? The fact that yesterday evening, still sweltering in the UK heatwave, I laboured for two hours over maybe five hundred words of manuscript that at best were distinctly average. This morning, I got up bright and early (well, early) and in one hour rewrote most of what I wrote last night and added another five hundred words for good measure. I reckon the temperature difference between the two sessions was a good twelve degrees. QED. I shall now submit my findings to the Nobel Foundation in the hope of receiving the recognition I deserve.

2 thoughts on “>W = 100c – T …

  1. >Ah, now that complicates things. There's also the B/K modifier, which defines the level of agony delivered to the Knees by the heat of the laptop Battery whilst writing on the sofa, as opposed to sitting properly at the table.

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