>Reconnected, fishing

>Ah, the joy of disconnection. I’ve just spent a week on a boat, completely out of touch with pretty much everything except, well, water. No news, no net (except the fishing kind), no nothing. Plenty of reading matter mind you, including Joe Abercrombie’s entertaining The Blade Itself. Now I’m back on this net, catching up with all things speculative and literary, not least the various hooks I’ve got dangling in the editorial waters, including two novelettes hoping for a bite – fingers crossed on those little babies. Out in the trawling water, my fantasy detective novel String City is in the safe hands of my fabulous agent Dorothy Lumley, and there’s an outline for another fantasy novel bobbing around on the water somewhere. Writing, like fishing, is a game of patience. To keep me busy while I’m waiting for the next bite, I’m due to deliver an 80,000 word manuscript in three weeks, so no time for slacking now the holiday’s over!

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