>Reading and standing still

>In a few days I’ll be getting back the manuscript for the latest ghosting project. A couple of weeks of rewrites and edits and that’ll be another book put to bed. I counted up the other day and that brings my total output to twelve novels (including two unpublished) with the thirteenth due for delivery in February.

During the lull I know I should be working on any number of other things, like the proposals for the steampunk and horror novels, the zombie short story I need to finish and the urban fantasy I need to start … Instead I’ve got my head firmly inserted in other people’s books, namely Stephen Baxter’s Flood, which I’ve just finished. Highly recommended this one – smart, accurate prose, an engaging set of characters driven by the narrative to explore all corners of a drowning world, devastatingly detailed accounts of one flooding scenario after another. Roland Emmerich’s new film 2012 promises to be an entertaing slice of goofy Hollywood hokum – Baxter delivers the real deal.

Having put Baxter down I’m on to Alastair Reynolds’s The Prefect. It’s a while since I’ve read a good space opera so looking forward to this one. Although that reminds me about the 60,000 words of my own space opera I’ve got tucked away on a laptop hard drive. It’s the first half of a novel called “Unsuitable Worlds” and it was going pretty well until the story flaked out on me. But there’s something good in there – time to dust it off perhaps. So there’s another thing to add to the list …

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