>Get your free comic strip here!

>I thought I’d kick off the New Year with a free gift.

Digging around in my bookshelves over Christmas, I turned up a copy of Colossus, a science fiction comic strip magazine I self-published with my friend Andy Wicks way back in 1985. After leafing through it in teary-eyed nostalgia, I thought it might be fun to scan one of the stories and make it available online.

I’ve posted some background on the story on my website here, but if you want to cut straight to the chase and read the damn thing, just click on the link right here (PDF file).

All I ask is that you’re gentle with it. After all, I was only a student …

3 thoughts on “>Get your free comic strip here!

  1. >Just thought I'd let you know I showed the strip to some boys in my class and they loved it! They'd been bugging me for ages about Colossus after I'd let slip my involvement. Having a small difficulty locating my copies due to a filing "error" I ran off a copy of the UNITED SYSTEMS. They were amazed that I knew somebody who'd created such a masterpiece!

  2. >I experienced a similar "filing error" when looking for something to scan for the web. I think the original artwork's buried deep inside a portfolio somewhere in the attic. But I'm afraid there may be a black hole developing up there too so I'm afraid to look. Glad you're exposing the next generation to the Entropy experience! Fluj next?

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