>Caffeinated creation

>I just spent an enjoyable hour sketching out an idea for a new fantasy detective story featuring my multi-dimensional sleuth. He’s appeared in five stories now – starting with The Wooden Baby and all published in Realms of Fantasy – as well as featuring in a sixth unpublished story and an equally (so far) unpublished novel. The question is, will I get this new story down on paper before I have to drop everything for the ghostwriting project that’s due to turn up any day now?

It all hinges on coffee. The aforementioned hour was spent in a coffee shop in Nottingham, where much of my recent plotting has taken place. Cappuccino is the key. With a dusting of chocolate, naturally. Though my caffeine intake is moderate (I always go for regular, not large) it’s essential to my productivity. So, of all the things I’ll miss when the aliens invade or the zombies attack, coffee will be top of the list. We’ve been battling the snow here for the past few weeks, but of all the things we’ve run out of, I can assure you coffee is not one of them!

2 thoughts on “>Caffeinated creation

  1. >Please, please, please don't let the idea escape. It was your multi-dimensional sleuth that turned me on to you and I'd hate to miss out on any of his adventures.

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