>Beneath the Loch video

>Some years ago I worked for a company that created theme park rides and visitor attractions. While there, I wrote a multimedia “history and myth” show called Beneath the Loch, aimed at families and children. The show used triptych video, surround-sound and animatronics to tell the story of a young otter who embarks on a quest into the depths of Loch Lomond to find the lost village of Camstradden. On the way, the otter plunges through a whirlpool of history and myth, finally discovering the Guardian of the Loch, who collects “all the stories that run down the glens and into the loch”.

I’ve just put a page about the show on my website here. I’ve included links to some of the many people who contributed to the project, which was led by Nick Farmer. If you were part of the project and I’ve missed you out, feel free to comment on this post and I’ll remedy the situation!

Meanwhile, you can watch a complete video of the show on YouTube here!

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