>An evening’s Ironing

>Saw Iron Man 2 last night. Great fun, especially the rapid-fire banter between Robert Downey Jr and his various co-stars. Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke great as always. Could have done with shifting the balance towards the end – less time on the drone army and more on the final confrontation with Whiplash. Best line (from RDJr, referring to Scarlett Johansson): “I want one.”

Interesting from a VFX point of view too. Not because it looks fabulous – which it does – but because of the huge number of providers, all under the direction of supervisor Janek Sirrs. It seems to be a real trend in VFX: rather than placing a movie with a single large effects house like ILM (although ILM is credited on IM2), supervisors are spreading the load among the huge number of smaller boutique outfits that are popping up. Given the right kit and a fast internet connection, it’s become possible for one guy in his basement to contribute finished VFX shots to the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

What do you think?

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