>Need more Who

>Big grin on my face after The Big Bang, the season finale of Doctor Who. What a delight to have a Who episode where time travel’s an intrinsic part of the story, not just a means of getting our heroes to the planet-of-the-week. Especially gratifying to see it relying on character and emotion rather than spectacle and effects (though we had our share of those).

All in all Steven Moffat’s done a fabulous job in hs first series as showrunner, steering it away from Russell Davies’s over-the-top campery (which was great in the early days but wore thin) and towards his ‘fairy tale’ ideal. There were a few shaky episodes, especially during those early moments of over-plotted rebooting, necessary though that process was. But the series displayed a growing maturity throughout. And some breathtaking standouts, especially the Vincent episode. And this finale of course. What’s obvious is Moffat’s deep love of and confidence in the material – that really does seem to inform everything he does. Clever writer. Smart writer. And Matt Smith is just a great doctor. Can’t wait for the next series.

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