>An emotional chapter

>This evening’s session brings me to around 52,000 words on the first draft of the fantasy novel I’m ghost-writing. That’s chapter 22 complete, out of a probable total of 35. And the scheduled delivery date’s looming.

When I’m ghosting, I live in constant fear of just being a hack, you know, going through the motions and not really living the story. I hope I avoid that most of the time. Tonight I think I managed it: I’ve just written a very emotional chapter in which there’s an escape and a death, both of which are critical moments in the story. The best part is I barely looked at the outline I’m working from once during the whole thing, but still kept to the proscribed plot. And tonight, for a little while at least, the words came from that good and golden place where everything just seems to sing.

What do you think?

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