>Close Enemies – new novel published

>Yes, I’ve got a new novel out on the streets. It’s called Close Enemies, and it’s the sequel to my earlier crime thriller Runaway Minister. Like the first book, I wrote it in collaboration with Working Partners Two, under the pseudonym Nick Curtis.

There’s a bit of a saga behind the publication of Close Enemies. It was originally due to be published by Black Star Crime, like its predecessor. Unfortunately, the Black Star Crime imprint folded after just a few editions, so that was that. Luckily for fans of Charlie Paddon and Alex Chappell, Dales Large Print have just picked up the next book in the series.

You can buy Close Enemies online – a quick search should turn it up – but be aware it’s in large print, so it may take up a little more space on your bookshelf! For more information, and a synopsis, visit the page I’ve set up on my official website here.

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