>Trilogy done

>Yes, at last it’s finished. I’ve finished editing the third book of the fantasy trilogy I’ve been ghosting over the last eighteen months, so the whole mammoth project is now officially done and dusted, off my plate, over and out. I can’t say any more about it for contractual reasons – I daresay you’ll breathe a sigh of relief I’ve now stopped not talking about it in this blog.

Meanwhile, the second book in the series is due to be published in a couple of months. When I get my advance copies, you can be sure I won’t talk about that either!

2 thoughts on “>Trilogy done

  1. >Will you ever legally be able to talk about your involvement in the series? Even 5, 10 years from now? I've been itching for another fantasy novel from you since Stone & Sun… It's so frustrating to know that recent work of yours is sitting on the shelves at my local bookstore and I'll never know it!

  2. >Sorry about the frustration, Hedrigall, but rules is rules. It's simply not for me to say. But it means a lot to know there are folk out there wanting to read more, so I hope I'll have something for you before too much longer.

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