Exposing The Spiral Skull

28,724 words

I just risked that most dangerous of things, the exposition-filled chapter. Gut feeling is we need a little orientation at this point in the novel, but it’s a fine line between spelling things out and boring the reader senseless – not to mention grinding the story to a halt. With luck I’ve got the balance right. I’ll know in a few months time when I’m elevating the MS to second-draft status. Until then I’ll just trust the gut.

On the plus side, I’ve moved sweetly into book two of my new dragon novel The Spiral Skull. I’m eager to write what I know is coming next: scenes full of strangeness and charm – in particular an explanation of why coastlines look so ragged that’s got nothing to do with the wind or the waves. A definite sense now that the story has its own momentum and agenda. Soon, I know, it’ll start beating me senseless, and there will be sobbing. But for now I’m enjoying the ride.

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