So much waiting, so little time

Is it any coincidence there’s just one letter different between the words writing and waiting? I guess not, since the two go hand in hand. After a frenzied few weeks finishing up both a new short story and chapter samples for a novel proposal, it’s now a case of sit back and wait for the editors concerned to read them and get back to me. That’s on top of the intensive waiting I’m already doing on another novel – a finished manuscript that one. So much waiting, so little time!

Not that idleness is an option. It’s about time I got back on track with the novel I put to one side in order to get through all of the above (note to self: resist the urge to edit everything you’ve done so far and just get the hell on with it). Although I do confess to following Douglas Adams’s philosophy that, while writing, you can never have too many baths. So excuse me – I think I may have left the water running.

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