Dragon spoilers

Word count: 41,508

Nice bit of action written today, probably a tad too long and over-indulgent but I’ll wait until the second draft to get brutal with it. Important to keep up the pace now as my dragons approach the mysterious desert settlement of Carbethon.

I’ve decided to keep Keel, my red-shirt character, alive for the time being. According to the outline he should be dead by now. But when it came to the crunch, that felt too contrived. Not that I’m scared to kill off characters (as you’ll know if you’ve read my earlier novels). Sometimes they die at the most surprising times. Just not today.

I’ve also used the action scene to develop the idea of mooncharm. Again, if you’re familiar with the other books, you’ll know the charm my dragons use is built around the four traditional elements – earth, air, water and fire (with fire being something rather special). This time I’ve decided to add something new. And it comes from the moon. Oh, and there’s something rather peculiar called sleight. It behaves a bit like charm … shortly before it kills you.

Working title of this Dragoncharm prequel is now officially The Dragons of Bloodrock. Feel free to run a book on how many times that’ll change before I’m done.

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