The Queen’s Wing

Word count: 50,111

This is the latest instalment of my ongoing blog-as-I-write-a-novel series. The novel is The Dragons of Bloodrock and this morning I passed the talismanic 50,000 word mark. Some folk scoff at word counts, saying you should ignore them and concentrate on the prose. Well, I’ve never run a marathon but I’m guessing there’s a fair number of runners out there who keep an eye on the landmarks as they go past.

Not much to report today – this is really just a quick update. This is the end of my second week getting up at 5:45am to write for 90 minutes or so before getting breakfast and heading off for the day job. It’s good discipline – a mode I haven’t used for a few years now. And it’s going to ensure I get this MS finished by the summer.

This morning I reached the mid-point of chapter 15, currently titled The Queen’s Wing. All the chapter titles I’ve let slip on this blog are provisional of course – as is the title of the book. As is, in fact, every single word I put down. That’s the thing with first drafts. They’re designed to be rewritten.

As far as the story goes, only two dragons have died this morning, but I have a feeling a few more will bite the dust before the chapter’s done. Things are hotting up at Bloodrock, you see. And an important new character’s made her first appearance. She’s just in the background at the moment, but she’s got a pivotal role in the novel, not to mention the sequels that may or not come to pass. Can’t wait for her to take off her veil.

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