The small but perfectly formed Alt.Fiction

Alt FictionMy only regret about going to the Alt.Fiction science fiction, fantasy and horror festival on Saturday is that I couldn’t spend more time there. In the same breath, I find myself with equally little time to write this blog post, so I’ll keep it brief and say simply that Alt.Fiction attracts such a stellar line-up of writers and publishers that, before much longer, it’ll surely be the premiere event on the UK convention calendar. From a personal point of view, I thoroughly enjoyed all the panels, podcasts and what-have-you that I attended. I was entertained by Dan Abnett’s hyperactive guest of honour slot, reassured to learn that the other guest of honour Alastair Reynolds appears to read as little as I do (something I feel eternally guilty about but, hell, I need time to write), pleased to shake hands I’ve shaken before and as clumsy as ever while introducing myself to hands I hadn’t (you know us writers, we don’t get out much). So enormous thanks to Alex Davies and the crew who put the show together – here’s to the next one!

What do you think?

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