Cinefex revisited, revisited

Cinefex Issues 1-12When I started writing my Cinefex retrospectives, I had no idea they’d prove so popular. But visitor stats don’t lie: folk keep coming back for more. Just after posting my review of Issue #10, I realised the earlier articles in the series are now buried deep in this blog’s archive, making them a little hard to find.

But fear not! I’ve just set up a permanent page on the blog, reminding you why I’m writing the reviews in the first place and – more importantly – giving you links to all the reviews in sequence. You can use the main blog menu to go to the page or, to give you a head-start, I’ve copied the links below:

Talking of stats, it’s fascinating to see which reviews have attracted most attention and therefore, by association, which issues of Cinefex and which movies are of most interest to all you lovely people out there. The most popular by far is #1 (but then it has been up the longest). In second place, and rising fast, is #9, closely followed by #6.

As time goes on, I may geek out on a bigger scale and give you a proper popularity chart, but for now I’ll just ask the simple question: which issue is your favourite?

2 thoughts on “Cinefex revisited, revisited

  1. Hi Graham —

    Do I get to vote?

    For me, it’s a tough call between #7 and #9, but I think the former wins out. My youthful passion for Willis O’Brien’s work is what drew me into what I’m doing today, and that affection still has a potent hold. Aside from the magazine itself, my O’Brien biography, I think, is my most important contribution to the history of visual effects.

    Thanks again for continuing with your blog series. Your posts are always thoughtful and illuminating, and I’m glad they’re being well received.


    1. Hey Don – of course you get to vote! I can’t fault you for choosing the Willis O’Brien biography. Great reporting, a gold-mine of first-hand accounts unavailable anywhere else and a genuine affection for the material. What’s not to like?

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