Sneak preview of The String City Mysteries

The Wooden Baby SchizzoprovaYou know, we just can’t keep it quiet any longer. Me and 40K Books, that is. I’ve written these stories, you see, about a rather weird detective who lives in an equally weird place called String City. It’s a town where all the dimensions are kind of knotted together. The cops are zombies, the gangsters are Titans and the skies are filled with thunderbirds. On a good day you might get to kiss an angel. On a bad day you might be forced to hear a syren sing.

Between us, 40K and I have been gathering up these stories ready to publish as ebooks. If you’re a fan of the (sadly defunct) magazine Realms of Fantasy, some of them might be familiar. Some, however, are brand new.

For now, all I’m going to show you is the cover design for the first ebook in the series: The Wooden Baby. It just got posted on 40K’s blog. When you’re done here, why not run over to their site and take a look for yourself? If you want to know more about the story, here’s a teaser. If you want to know exactly when and where you’re going to be able to get hold of a copy, well, you’ll just have to stay tuned and trust me when I say you’ll be the first to know.

2 thoughts on “Sneak preview of The String City Mysteries

  1. Looking good! As someone who was lucky enough to have sneak previews of these stories (and the stunning String City novella) I recommend them to any discerning lover of fast-paced noir fiction. With a dash of strangeness and charm. My iPad is panting in anticipation.

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