More on The String City Mysteries

The Wooden Baby by Graham EdwardsNo sooner have I finished revamping the blog than this image pops up on the Twitter feed of 40k Books. It’s the finished front cover artwork for The Wooden Baby, the first in a series of weird detective stories due to be published as ebooks throughout 2012.

Just to remind you, the series is called The String City Mysteries. It’s a collection of novelettes about a private detective rooted firmly in the hard-boiled noir tradition. The difference is, our hero is plying his trade in a peculiar city where all the dimensions are kind of crushed together and almost anything can – and frequently does – happen. If you like weird detectives, he’s your man.

In honour of the forthcoming launch of The String City Mysteries, I’ve devoted a whole section to it on this blog. Click here to check out the stories, or use the menu at the top of the page.

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