Just published: Syren

Syren by Graham EdwardsThe third of my fantasy detective ebooks has just rolled off the virtual production line. Like The Wooden Baby and Dead Wolf in a Hat before it, Syren is that most handy of things – a novelette. It’s the perfect length for the writer (so much quicker to produce than those pesky novels) and just as convenient for the reader who needs something to read on the train, or in the park, or in the bath (just don’t drop your ereader in the water or you’ll die a horrible death … wait, do those things run on mains electricity or not?)

Talking of electricity, in this latest story, my wise-cracking gumshoe comes up the business tycoon who runs String City’s power plants. You don’t want to know what he uses for fuel. There’s also a beautiful woman who happens to be half-bird. When she sings, for the sake of your everlasting soul you’d better hope you’ve got your earplugs in. It’s a tricky case, mostly because it hinges on that most mysterious of things.


Syren is published by 40k Books.

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