Coming soon – Still Point

Still Point by Graham EdwardsDust off your fedora – my dimension-hopping detective is getting ready for another adventure. The next instalment in The String City Mysteries, published for Kindle and iTunes by 40kBooks, will shortly be rolling off the e-press.

This latest story is called Still Point. It’s about a heist that takes place in one of String City’s most secure containment facilities. Inside this facility there’s a rather unusual vault. Inside the vault is nothing less than the Still Point of the Turning World. It’s vast and ineffable, an enigmatic treasure. It’s something no man was meant to see. It’s the biggest prize of them all. Only a fool would try and steal it.

Or, perhaps, a Fool.

So how does a down-at-heel private investigator find himself at the heart of the biggest robbery in String City’s history? And how does he react when faced with a gang of corrupt zombie cops, a beautiful angel (fallen, of course), the biggest behemoth you ever saw and – most terrifying of all – his landlord?

Find out soon …

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