Just published – Girl in Pieces

Girl in PiecesIf you’re an arachnophobe, I’d advise you to look away now. That’s because my latest ebook is full of spiders. In particular, there’s a rather unfriendly spider queen called Arachne who likes to lay her eggs in unseemly places. If you’re very unlucky, she’ll show you her spinnerets …

The ebook in question is called Girl in Pieces. It’s the fifth instalment of The String City Mysteries, my series of hardboiled detective fantasies published by 40k Books, and it’s fresh out today. It’s a heart-warming story of golems and gangsters and a girl who’s, well, in pieces. Will our intrepid hero find a way to put her back together before the spiders get him? And what exactly does happen when a thunderbird the size of a city block gets caught in Medusa’s glare?

To find out more about the story – and to read an extract – click here. If you’re feeling brave enough to face the spiders without further ado, below is a link to download the Kindle edition direct from Amazon (if you prefer your ebooks in flavours compatible for iPad or Nook, come back in a few days, when they’ll be ready and waiting for you).

Girl in Pieces by Graham Edwards was first published in the April 2008 edition of Realms of Fantasy. It was nominated (long-listed) for a Nebula Award and reprinted in Ellen Datlow’s anthology The Best Horror of the Year Volume One. This is its first publication as a stand-alone ebook. So what are you waiting for?

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