Just published – The Dame Don’t Whimper

The Dame Don't WhimperUPDATE – The Dame Don’t Whimper is now available from the iTunes store – see the links below.

The sixth novelette from my String City Mysteries series has just been published by 40k Books. Any publication day is exciting, but this one’s particularly special. The first five stories in the series are reprints, having originally been published in Realms of Fantasy magazine. This one’s brand new.

The Dame Don’t Whimper starts, as all good gumshoe yarns should, with a hail of bullets and a little green man. Hot on the trail of a missing person, our down-at-heel detective leaves behind the dubious comfort of String City and crosses the River Styx to Little Carthage, where the rabid bankers eat you alive.

But it isn’t the bankers he’s worried about. Between meeting old flame Rosie (who’s got cute pointy ears and more curves than a geometry textbook) and fending off Martha du Chasse (the most intimidating client he’s ever had), the private investigator with the fancy coat soon realises this whole case hinges on something far more terrifying.


Click here to read an extract from the brand new String City Mystery, The Dame Don’t Whimper. Or throw caution to the wind and go straight to the store:

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