String City micro-fiction

String CitizenOne of the following statements is true:

1) As an experiment in Twitter-based flash fiction, I’ll be tweeting a new micro-adventure in my String City Mysteries series of fantasy detective stories. The case opens on Monday 2nd July 2012 at 3:00pm GMT, although our hero is already tweeting his usual brand of strangeness. I expect him to solve the case within a couple of hours. So, if you want to follow the escapades of a weird detective with a remarkable coat, follow StringCitizen on Twitter.

2) My fictional fantasy detective has developed a life of his own and started tweeting across the dimensions all the way from that strange place called String City. His tweets have been appearing for a while now, but apparently he’s got a new case coming in and he’s going to broadcast his investigation live. The case opens on Monday 2nd July 2012 at 3:00pm GMT. Optimistic as he is, he expects to solve it within a couple of hours. If you want to follow his escapades, follow StringCitizen on Twitter.

So which one do you believe?

What do you think?

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