Lifestrings of the Loving Couple

String-City-Lifestrings-of-the-Loving-CoupleIt’s publication day for my new ebook novelette Lifestrings of the Loving Couple. This is the final (for now) short story in my series of fantasy detective romps known collectively as The String City Mysteries and published by 40k Books.

In this brand new adventure, my dimension-dabbling detective is hired by a distraught husband whose wife appears to have lost her soul. For a gumshoe with an acerbic wit and a magic coat, this should be an open-and-shut case.

But, with all the animals from the municipal zoo running wild through the streets of String City, it’s hard even to get through the office door. And when when eccentric inventor Daedalus turns up with a disobedient black hole, things get really messy. Can all these unlikely events be connected? And do they have anything to do with that giant magpie everyone’s talking about?

And what, exactly, is a lifestring?

Never heard of The String City Mysteries? Well, now’s the time to get acquainted. If you’re a fan of hardboiled fantasy detective fiction, minced Greek myth and cosmic geometry (and, lets face it, who isn’t?) it could be right up your street. Click here for a quick primer and links to all the short stories in the series.

2 thoughts on “Lifestrings of the Loving Couple

    1. Hi Tom. No plans at the moment to publish the String City Mysteries in traditional form. The earlier stories in the series were originally published in the magazine Realms of Fantasy, so physical copies of those do exist in the form of back issues … if you can find them. The recent stories exist only as ebooks. You never know, that may change in the future. If so, you’ll hear it here first.

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