Repair of the blog

Repair of the BlogIf there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to play up, it’s technology. Take the HAL9000 computer, which never opens the pod bay doors when you ask it. Or that exasperating existentialist explosive device: Bomb No.20. I could go on: ED-209 enforcement droids, that WOPR computer that likes to play Global Thermonuclear War, sandwich toasters …

And blogs.

With luck, you haven’t noticed any problems. However, to prevent this particular blog from going rogue and launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike on an unsuspecting hemisphere, I’m taking a few moments to perform a little maintenance. Things may stop working for no apparent reason. Posts you read years ago may suddenly rematerialise in your mailbox. Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear. If anything I do in the next few hours causes a glitch in the Matrix, please accept my humble – and entirely human – apologies.

(One piece of technology that appears to work perfectly every time is the amazing Pulp-O-Mizer, the nifty website I used to create the header image for this post. Visit the site if you dare but be warned: you will become obsessed and it will eat your life.)

What do you think?

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