Talus is coming

Talus and the NorthlightMy new novel Talus and the Frozen King will be published by Solaris Books in March 2014. Long time to wait, huh? Yes and no. There’s plenty of work to do between now and then so I’m sure the time will just fly by. It’s the kind of grunty publishing toil that normally goes on behind the scenes, but for those of you interested in the process I’ll be posting the occasional update here on the blog as we go along. I may also offer up a few teasers about the novel itself … spoiler-free, of course!

Currently the second draft of Talus is with Solaris. Contracts are signed and a press release has been issued. The next step is editing the manuscript. I’m convinced editing is a quantum process since it permits you to hold two opposing views simultaneously, namely: ‘Holy cow, I can’t wait to see this work of dazzling genius hit the bestseller lists!’ and: ‘Holy crap, this stinks worse than week-old farts.’ Editing is a sweaty business that requires faith, fortitude and the enthusiastic downing of strong coffee and red wine (rarely at the same time) and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

By the way, the image shown here isn’t the book cover, just a quick sketch I did to accompany this post. The actual cover is still some way off. Given the general awesomeness of the recent Solaris cover designs, that’s something else I can’t wait see.

As for the novel itself … well, I guess the elevator pitch would be: a murder mystery set in ancient times. Emphasis on ancient. I’m reluctant to use the word ‘prehistoric’ because, believe me, The Flintstones this ain’t. But we are talking about the dawn of man, a time before metal was first forged and long before our distant ancestors started scribing the first written words into sandstone. We’re talking about a time when man and myth were intimately connected, when the spirit world was considered to be as real as this physical realm and when, if you wanted a detective, you couldn’t just look one up on the internet.

Hell, back then there were no detectives.

Until Talus came.

I’ve already mentioned Talus a few times on this blog, under its original working title of The Frozen King. If you want to unpick the early progress I made on the manuscript, here’s a list of all the posts where it gets a passing mention:

4 thoughts on “Talus is coming

  1. I’m very interested in the editing process. It was suggested to me (by an unpublished writer) that I send a query and the first however-many-pages to a publisher before I polish the entire novel to at least my own satisfaction, because it takes 6 months anyway for a publisher to get back to an author. This doesn’t seem wise to me… Do you have any advice?

      1. Thanks Linda. The best advice I can give is to follow any publisher’s submission guidelines to the letter. Any reputable publisher will make it clear – usually on their website – whether they prefer to read complete or partial submissions. Do exactly what they say. Do not deviate. Obey the rules at all times.
        You may get an expression of interest based on a partial submission but, unless you’re an established author with a decent track record, you’re VERY unlikely to get an offer until you send in the whole thing. There’s certainly a strong argument to say you should just finish the damn thing first – you’re going to have to write it sooner or later anyway.
        Hope that helps 🙂

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