Online Exhibition: Digital Dwelling at Skara Brae

Graham Edwards – “Last year I spent some time researching the Scottish neolithic settlement of Skara Brae for a new novel. I wish I’d found this amazing blog then. Still, better late than never. This is a great example of interpretive archeology, with a particularly impressive short film presenting the ancient village environment as an immersive, sensory experience. The aerial photography (shot from a kite) is terrific.”

Digital Dirt Virtual Pasts

(For HD viewing you can click to the Vimeo website)

The Project

Digital Dwelling at Skara Brae is a collaborative project bringing together three visualisation specialists, each with very diverse methods and mediums of working. The project was initiated following a series of discussions between PhD researchers Alice Watterson and Kieran Baxter together with Dr Aaron Watson, which established a mutual concern for the ways digital methods were shaping archaeologists’ engagement with sites and material culture.

While field archaeologists engage with the archaeological record through their senses, these experiences are often mediated through technologies such as cameras, survey machines or scanners. This influences and even constrains the kinds of information that is observed and recorded, effectively distancing the field worker from their material. Through the act of making an experimental film the project explores the potential of layered multimedia as an archaeological field method; capturing and communicating very different…

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