Help Yourself to an Urban Myth

The Alchemy Press Book of Urban MythicLook what just dropped through my door! It’s my author’s comp of The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic, featuring fourteen short stories by a whole bunch of wonderful writers, and me.

According to the back cover blurb, “Here are tales of magic and horror; ancient curses and modern charms; strange things in the Underground; murder and redemption; corporate cults and stalwart guardians; lost travellers and wandering gods; fortune tellers and urban wizards; dragons, fae and unspeakable beasts.”

The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic was launched at the beginning of the month at the World Fantasy Con in Brighton, UK. Alchemy Press is a truly splendid small press created in the 1990s by Peter Coleborn and still going strong. If you get the chance, drop in at their website here to read up on their history, ethos and list of publications.

ge-um-2My only remaining task is to encourage you to buy the book here at Amazon UK or here at Amazon USA. UPDATE 17th November – the Kindle edition is also now available.

Oh yes, and if you click on the thumbnail to the left, you’ll get to read the first page of my story for free!

What do you think?

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