Visual Effects of “The Machine” – Cinefex Blog


If you’re a fan of movie robots, head on over to the Cinefex blog, where we’ve just published my article on the visual effects of The Machine. If you haven’t yet seen this indie sci-fi film, you’ve missed a treat. Directed by feature first-timer Caradog James and featuring a compelling performance by Caity Lotz as the android Ava, it’s packed with big ideas and supported by visual effects both subtle and unsettling.

Here’s a brief taster from the article:

In the film’s dramatic opening sequence, computer scientist Vincent McCarthy (Toby Stephens) interviews a wounded soldier, Paul Dawson (John Paul MacLeod), whose catastrophic injury has cratered a large section of his head. “The actor wore prosthetic make-up for the edges of the wound, with a green section that was removed and replaced with a CG prosthetic,” said VFX Supervisors Christian Lett and Llyr Williams. “The opening sequence has 55 VFX shots, ranging from glowing eyes, tabletop computers (later covered in blood) and gore to robotic tentacles lifting a girl into the air. We were really pleased and proud to have our biggest sequence at the very start of the film, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This scene establishes the film visually as a cut above most low budget science fiction films, and helps sell the world that you’re in.”

What do you think?

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