Ghostwriter Diaries – Mid Term Milestone

NotebookSometimes the small victories are the most satisfying. This morning, I completed draft one, part two, book two, of the novel I’m ghostwriting. That puts me decisively past the halfway point of the three-book project.

I now have until December 12th to edit the 48,000 words I’ve just written. That’s more or less an impossible task so, like Alice, I plan to do it before breakfast.

I’ll say something more coherent shortly after the editing is done, and shortly before I start stuffing myself with Christmas comestibles and detaching myself, for a short while, from reality. For now, I’ll just inform you that the draft just completed features plucky heroes fighting fiendish foes, much thickening of the steadily escalating plot and a very strange order of magic.

Stay tuned for more news from the phantom zone.

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