Ghostwriter Diaries – Another Final Edit

NotebookDuring the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed a welcome break from my ghostwriting duties. The editorial team at the London office of my book packager client have been swarming over the final section of my first draft, peppering it with comments, suggestions and revisions. Now it’s landed back in my inbox, which means the time has come for me to dive into this particular manuscript for the final time.

And to realise that the “welcome break” was nothing more than the lull before the storm.

The final edit will require me to tackle all the usual copy editing issues: language usage, narrative continuity, character motivation and the effectiveness and suitability of, well, every single word I’ve written. My deadline is March 30, which gives me a little over three weeks. Not long, so I won’t waste time blathering on about it here.


What do you think?

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