Ghostwriter Diaries – Aaaaaaaah


Aaaaaaah …

No, it’s not a scream. Quite the opposite. It’s a sigh of satisfaction. Specifically, it’s the sound of a ghostwriter meeting his deadline, having concluded the 36,000-word first act of a fantasy novel and emailed it to his client ready to be opened bright and early on Monday morning.

In fact, the satisfaction is so great that I’m going to say it again.

Aaaaaaah …


  1. You sound very busy! 🙂

    May I ask how your eBook project for your dragon saga series is coming along?

    • Busy indeed, Erika, and happy to be that way! The “Dragoncharm” ebook is on the back burner. It’s something of a vanity project, so other things have to take priority right now. Also, self-publishing can be a messy business. Here’s my most recent blog post on the subject:

      • Cool 🙂 Sounds like your new projects are very engaging.

        It’s a shame about Dragoncharm, the whole process with the tax paperwork sounds frustrating. I wish you luck for then future! Dragon saga deserves an international eBook publication.

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