Cinefex Diaries – Issue 156 Hits the Streets

Cinefex 156

Cinefex 156 is hot off the press and due to land on newsstands this week. I’ve talked already on this blog about my two articles this issue – the first on Marvel’s epic Thor: Ragnarok, and the second on Guillermo del Toro’s exquisite The Shape of Water. Also in our winter edition, Joe Fordham writes about Wonder Woman, and Jody Duncan delves into It and Only the Brave.

As the only Cinefex staff member living in the UK, I’m always the last to get my copies of the print edition, so I’m yet to sniff the ink and fondle the pages. Luckily for me, the iPad edition launches this week too, so my first sight of the finished thing is likely to be a digital download. No hardship there – the iPad edition has loads more photos!

I’ve already submitted my article for Cinefex 157, though I’ve yet to write the image captions. It’s on Albert Hughes’ Ice Age survival story, Alpha. Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, but it turned up a few hidden gems and proved to be one of this year’s more rewarding assignments. I’ll tell you about it in a future blog post.

Cinefex 156

Right now, I’m working hard on my next assignment. This one’s for Cinefex 158, our April issue, and it’s a big one. My copy deadline is February, but knowing how people tend to scatter to the four winds over the holiday season, I’m trying to get as many interviews as possible done before Christmas. I’m off to a good start, having had a lengthy chat with the production visual effects supervisor, and my diary is booked solid for a bunch of vendor interviews through the rest of this week.

As a matter of fact, I probably shouldn’t be writing this blog. I’ve got far too much transcribing to do!

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