Six Years of Cinefex

Rush in Cinefex 136

Back in September 2013, I was putting the finishing touches to my very first article for Cinefex – an 8,000-word article on the making of Ron Howard’s Formula 1 racing drama Rush. The title of the article was Formula for Fire, and it was published in Cinefex 136.

Six years on, I’m just finishing up my 40th article, due for publication in Cinefex 168 in December 2019. I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone.

What I do know is the job is as challenging and as rewarding as ever. Every article is unique and daunting and aggravating and enlightening and amazing, and each time you finish one – if I may borrow the favourite analogy of our amazing editor-in-chief Jody Duncan – you feel like you just wrestled a rhino to the ground.

Best job in the world.

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