Cinefex Black Friday Videos

Cinefex Black Friday videos

We just wrapped up our 2020 Black Friday sale at Cinefex, offering two-for-one on 40 years-worth of back issues. The sale’s over now, but here are the three videos I created to promote the event online. Movie buffs will get the references in a heartbeat!

2 thoughts on “Cinefex Black Friday Videos

  1. First, of course, I’m so sorry to see CINEFEX closing down. Having been with you from the start, it just seemed to me like it would *always* be there. 40 years is a miraculous run, surely, .but not nearly long enough. I can’t help believing that when this Covid Curse is over and big *movies in theaters* is again the norm, the need for CINEFEX will cause it to rise again, phoenix-like. I certainly hope so….

    I’m also writing to see if I can still buy back issues, and to ask (plead?) if there’s any possibility at all of getting access to your ipad editions. Owing to your not making your online access available for PC, I * JUST* bought an ipad SOLELY for the purpose of subscribing. Yes, ‘a day late…’ I was in the process of configuring it and learning how to operate it when I read the awful news. I have absolutely no other use for an ipad (yes, I’m sure I’ll find * some *use for it–a serving tray, a big coster.. It’s absolutely NOT a very good frisbee!). I’m sure you’re going to maintain your system for a time for those who’ve already subscribed, until their subs expire. Could you possibly squeeze in one more sub???? Thank you for your consideration, CRAIG

    1. Thanks for the kind words. We too hoped Cinefex would endure but, sadly, it was not to be. With no future issues coming out it’s no longer possible to subscribe, but at the time of writing individual back issues are still available to purchase in print from the website, and for iPad via the Cinefex app, which is available from the Apple Store. Here’s the latest official statement regarding the future of the iPad back catalogue: “We’re aware that iPad users are concerned about future access to digital editions of Cinefex. Please bear with us as we work through everything at this difficult time. We promise to answer your questions as soon as we can.”

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