The Illusion Almanac

The Illusion Almanac

I’m a firm believer that less is more. However, today I’m going to stick my neck out and assert that more is more.

“More what?” I hear you cry.

“More website,” I reply.

My brand new website, to be precise: The Illusion Almanac.

Why build a new site? Well, for a long time, the website you’re currently looking at has been the home not only for my fiction projects and general writing news, but also for the journalistic work I do covering film and television – in particular visual effects. Up to now, the two subject areas have been sitting quite happily alongside each other, but as I begin to expand both areas of interest I’ve decided the time has come to give each one a place of its own, and the necessary room to grow.

From this point forward, therefore, I’ll be posting all my film-related articles and news at The Illusion Almanac. Here’s the new site’s mission statement:

The Illusion Almanac is dedicated to illuminating the craft of film and television, from design to effects, makeup to cinematography, with insights from the creative professionals who put your favourite shows on the screen.

Meanwhile, the original Graham Edwards website will remain dedicated to my novels, short stories and other writing projects, acting as both a respository of information about my back catalogue, and a newsfeed for everything that’s coming up or bubbling under.

So there you have it. If you’ve been following this site for all the movie stuff, please take a moment to check out The Illusion Almanac. If you like what you see there, maybe you’ll choose to follow that too.

What do you think?

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