String City – Special Sale Price

For a limited time only, you can download the ebook edition of my interdimensional thriller String City for the special sale price of just £0.99! The novel is available from all major online retailers, or you can purchase it direct from the publisher, Solaris Books.

String City follows the fortunes of a down-at-heel private detective in an extraordinary metropolis where everything runs on an unhealthy mixture of minced Greek myth and cosmic geometry. There are giant spider gods and ravenous ghosts, mechanical sleuths and fallen angels, the crime lords are Titans and you don’t want to know what’s lurking in the sewers… but, if you like your detective stories on the weird side, String City will introduce you to a world you might never want to leave.

Here’s what my gumshoe hero has to say on the outlandish universe in which he plies his dubious trade:

A word about the cosmos.

Some folk say it’s like one of those souvenir jars you can pick up by the ocean, all filled up with layers of coloured sand. This layer’s icicle blue; this one’s envy green; this one shimmers with the fool’s gold of false promise. The layers are called branes, and they contain just about all the things you can imagine, along with plenty you can’t. Stars and comets, rocks and trees, crystal deserts, electric gods, lost souls, forgotten trinkets, worlds broken and whole—they’re all sandwiched inside that jar. There are lifetimes in there, and more besides.

Now look closer. Just like the branes make up the cosmos, there’s something else makes up the branes. It’s what ties everything together, the stuff that lies coiled at the heart of it all.


The trouble with string is that it’s forever getting tangled. Turn your back for a second and it sprouts more knots than your grandma’s knitting basket. Each knot is unique and each one warps the universe that surrounds it, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Some knots wind themselves so tight that the dimensions get twisted completely out of true, all eleven of them. Others rear up like coral cathedrals only to collapse under the weight of their own impossibility. Big or small, that’s the one thing these knots have in common—they never last.

Except one.

Nobody knows why this one knot lingers. Maybe it’s bigger than the rest, or older, or stranger, or all three or neither. In this one special place the cosmic string tangles into more knot than you ever saw before in your life. It’s more than a cathedral, more than a coral reef.

The folk who live there call it String City.

Praise for String City

“Edwards rewards patience with a savory blend of hard-boiled mystery, the fantastic, and the futuristic.” — Publishers Weekly

String City is bursting at the seams with an originality that left me in awe of the author’s ability to fit so much into one novel. This is a well-crafted, fast-paced detective story, filled with science fiction and fantasy elements … The experience is a wild ride, to be sure, and any descriptions I can provide of the epicness won’t do it justice. Check this one out if you want to marvel at an author’s ability to put imagination behind every word.” — Realms & Robots

“Blending together fantasy, quantum theory and well-established detective tropes creates an evocative adventure that often delights … If you’re looking for some smart hard-bitten detective noir with a cosmically mind-bending chocolatey centre, then you need look no further. Highly recommended.” — The Eloquent Page

2 thoughts on “String City – Special Sale Price

  1. Oh go on then; at that price it’d be rude to refuse. It certainly does seem an interesting premise.

    I’ve a few books on the go at the moment (J W Rinzler’s brilliant The Making of Planet of the Apes for one) but I’ll get to String City as soon as the back pile is lessened and let you know what I thought. I’ll post a review on my blog too for whatever help that might be re: publicity/spreading the word.

    1. Thank you! A review would be wonderful. Hope you enjoy the book. Rinzler is great – I haven’t read his Apes book yet, so I guess my own to-read pile just got bigger!

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