Out Now — The Illusion Almanac: Creating Godzilla vs Kong

The Illusion Almanac: Creating Godzilla vs Kong

I’m proud to unveil the inaugural issue of The Illusion Almanac. Published today, this first edition of my new digital magazine goes behind the scenes on the biggest monster movie of the year, Godzilla vs Kong.

Inside, you’ll find 80 pages* of in-depth interviews and stunning images, illuminating the amazing craft of the design, cinematography and visual effects departments.

I enjoy a good long read that takes me behind the scenes on a movie I love, and that’s exactly what I’ve set out to create with The Illusion Almanac. The idea of the magazine is to combine all those juicy ‘making-of’ details with a real breadth of subject matter, and then top everything off with a dusting of historical context. The only thing I can’t provide is the comfortable chair, fresh cup of coffee, and indulgent hour or two required to read it all!

Graham Edwards

You can download the magazine, formatted for Kindle, from Amazon online stores worldwide — just search for “illusion almanac.”

Hit the link below to read the official announcement on The Illusion Almanac website:

*Print equivalent

3 thoughts on “Out Now — The Illusion Almanac: Creating Godzilla vs Kong

  1. Hi! As a person who has ALL the issues of CINEFEX, THIS is what I have been hoping to find since CINEFEX announced that it was ceasing publication. However, I don’t have a Kindle. Any plans for other formats or possibly print editions?

    1. Hi Brent – sorry I’m so late picking up your comment. Nothing can replace Cinefex, but thanks for the support. The Illusion Almanac is only available in Kindle format, but you don’t need a Kindle to read it – you can get free Kindle apps for most devices. Hope that helps.

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