Out Now — The Illusion Almanac: Creating The Matrix Resurrections

Published today, the latest issue of my digital filmcraft magazine The Illusion Almanac goes behind the scenes on the visual effects of The Matrix Resurrections. Inside you’ll find 90 pages* of in-depth interviews and stunning images, illuminating the amazing craft of the visual effects artists who brought to life the extraordinary future worlds of the Matrix.

The Matrix is still one of my favourite films of all time. Seeing the latest instalment in the cinema was like eating a big slab of the coolest cake around, and the icing on top was getting to chat with the entire visual effects team about how they brought Lana Wachowski’s vision to the screen. The work is phenomenal and I can’t wait for people to read about how it was done.

Graham Edwards

You can download the magazine, formatted for Kindle, from Amazon online stores worldwide — just search for “illusion almanac.” No Kindle? No problem – the Kindle app is free to download for IOS, Android and desktop.

*Print equivalent

2 thoughts on “Out Now — The Illusion Almanac: Creating The Matrix Resurrections

  1. Oh, I’m going to have to wait until I’ve seen the movie next week when I buy the film on 4K disc (I’ve been spoiler-free all this time, so I won’t allow you to break me now I’m on the home straight, lol) but I’ll certainly be getting this.

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