My new art gallery

If truth be told, it's actually an old art gallery. Earlier this year, I migrated my website over here to WordPress. One of the features that fell off the truck was the art gallery. I've finally got round to reinstating it. It's got its own tab in the menu (labelled, unsurprisingly Art). If you can't … Continue reading My new art gallery

Dragoncharm in Hollywood (the reunion)

Okay, so it's not exactly a reunion, but following my recent article about the movie adaptation of Dragoncharm, I've been in touch with some of the talented artists who worked on the project. First up is Dave Bonneywell, who created concept designs for the various dragon characters. Dave's got a long list of special make-up … Continue reading Dragoncharm in Hollywood (the reunion)

Spaceships with thousands of tiny windows

When I was a kid looking for my next spaceship fix, there was no better place to get it than the local bookshop. All those covers! A riot of hardware! It was glorious, all the more so because the bookshop was pretty much the only venue you could see such things. Yes, I’m talking pre-internet, … Continue reading Spaceships with thousands of tiny windows

>Masquerade remembered

>For all of you who, like me, once tried to fathom the secrets of a book called Masquerade by Kit Williams, check out this story on the Guardian website. Masquerade contained elaborate picture puzzles with a trail of clues leading to buried treasure. Apparently, Kit's finally been reunited with the golden hare that captured the … Continue reading >Masquerade remembered