Now Available – The Dragons of Bloodrock

Long ago, the citadel of Bloodrock fell. Now the dragons of Bloodrock are scattered across the desert and the mysteries of the past have been forgotten. But nothing lies hidden forever. When cruel Viscero brings terror to the land, Abalone — the last member of a knightly order known as the Peregrines — vows to … Continue reading Now Available – The Dragons of Bloodrock

Dragoncharm 25th Anniversary

This year is the 25th anniversary of my first novel, Dragoncharm. You’ll forgive me if I take a little trip down memory lane, right? Dragoncharm was one of the first fantasy paperbacks published under the Voyager imprint launched by HarperCollins in 1995. I wrote the original draft longhand, and submitted the final typescript to two … Continue reading Dragoncharm 25th Anniversary

Amazing Stories Reviews Dragoncharm

Amazing Stories has posted a review of my novel Dragoncharm, recently reissued as a special edition ebook. As well as sharing some insightful thoughts on the challenges of writing from the point of view of non-human characters, reviewer Ira Nayman also has some nice things to say about the book: Edwards’ masterstroke is showing how both sides succumb … Continue reading Amazing Stories Reviews Dragoncharm

Dragoncharm Ebook Summer Sale

Summer is not traditionally a time for dragons. Come to think of it, neither are spring, autumn or winter. Oh well, that just goes to prove that ANY time is the right time to order your copy of the new Dragoncharm ebook. Mind you, the summer of 2016 is a particularly good time to snap up … Continue reading Dragoncharm Ebook Summer Sale

Dragoncharm Desktop Wallpapers

To celebrate the publication of the Dragoncharm Special Edition ebook, I've mashed together a selection of wallpapers for your desktop or mobile device. Just click on a thumbnail to view an image full-size, then right-click to download. Alternatively, right-click one of the links at the foot of the page. Desktop 1024x768 Desktop 1920x1080 iPad iPhone 5

Dragoncharm Ebook Now Available

Twenty-one years after its first publication in 1995, my first novel, Dragoncharm, is now available as a special edition ebook. Hot damn! Why a special edition? Well, in preparing Dragoncharm for republication, I’ve taken the opportunity to revise the text. If you’re new to the story, you won’t care about that – you’ll just want … Continue reading Dragoncharm Ebook Now Available

Dragoncharm Special Edition – Coming Soon

This year of 2016 marks the 21st anniversary of the publication of Dragoncharm, my first novel. It’s been out of print for some years, but just recently I’ve been looking at ways of getting it out to readers again. At long last, I think I’ve found one. The idea is simple enough. Later in the … Continue reading Dragoncharm Special Edition – Coming Soon

Dragoncharm Test Film

It's nearly twenty years since I experienced the brief but intense rollercoaster ride that was the failed TV/film adaptation of my first novel, Dragoncharm. Bob Keen, an effects artist who'd worked on movies including Return of the Jedi and Hellraiser, was slated to direct the project, with his Pinewood-based company Image Animation creating a complete cast of dragon characters in both animatronic and computer-generated … Continue reading Dragoncharm Test Film

There’s a Dragon at Coda Falconry

Every once in a while, a tweet comes along that restores my faith in the power of social media to connect you with people you wouldn't otherwise have encountered. Like this one, which appeared on my timeline today: In case you're wondering, "Fortune" is the name of the dragon hero of my first novel, Dragoncharm. Deeply … Continue reading There’s a Dragon at Coda Falconry

Dragoncharm Ebook – Cover Conundrum

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Maybe that's why book covers - even ebook covers - provoke so much debate. It's certainly why one of the big decisions about republishing my 1995 novel Dragoncharm is causing me such a headache. The decision is, of course, what do I put on the cover? The original … Continue reading Dragoncharm Ebook – Cover Conundrum