“Best Horror” Now on Kindle

You can't keep a good anthology down. That's certainly true of any short story collection put together by award-winning editor Ellen Datlow, including The Best Horror of the Year, Volume One, just out on Kindle. The book's been out in print for a while (the Year in question is 2008) but this is the first time it's … Continue reading “Best Horror” Now on Kindle

Dragoncharm Ebook – Cover Conundrum

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Maybe that's why book covers - even ebook covers - provoke so much debate. It's certainly why one of the big decisions about republishing my 1995 novel Dragoncharm is causing me such a headache. The decision is, of course, what do I put on the cover? The original … Continue reading Dragoncharm Ebook – Cover Conundrum

Dragoncharm Ebook – To Revise Or Not To Revise?

The Dragoncharm ebook is one step closer to reality. The scruffy OCR scan has now been cleaned and matched to the original hard copy. The resulting electronic manuscript - the first I’ve ever had for the novel, which was written longhand - still needs a final proofread before I take it into production, but essentially … Continue reading Dragoncharm Ebook – To Revise Or Not To Revise?

The Dragoncharm Ebook – Let’s Go!

The question I'm most frequently asked by readers is, "Are you ever going to publish Dragoncharm as an ebook?" Until now, my answer has always been that I'm looking into it, but other things have to take priority. As of today, however, I'm happy to tell you I'm working on it, and it's going to happen soon. … Continue reading The Dragoncharm Ebook – Let’s Go!

Word Clouds of String City

There's a cute website called Wordle which takes any text you upload and turns it into a word cloud. The size of each word in the cloud is based on the frequency with which it appears in the text, the colours and fonts are randomly selected and the results are rather beautiful. If you use … Continue reading Word Clouds of String City

Lifestrings of the Loving Couple

It's publication day for my new ebook novelette Lifestrings of the Loving Couple. This is the final (for now) short story in my series of fantasy detective romps known collectively as The String City Mysteries and published by 40k Books. In this brand new adventure, my dimension-dabbling detective is hired by a distraught husband whose wife … Continue reading Lifestrings of the Loving Couple

Fantasy on Air interview

Recently I was interviewed by Fantasy on Air, an Italian web radio show that broadcasts about all things fantasy and science fiction. The interview's just come online, so if you want to catch me yakking on about writing, reading, weird detectives and all the usual nonsense, now's your chance. The interview's part of their 'offline' … Continue reading Fantasy on Air interview

Just published – The Dame Don’t Whimper

UPDATE - The Dame Don't Whimper is now available from the iTunes store - see the links below. The sixth novelette from my String City Mysteries series has just been published by 40k Books. Any publication day is exciting, but this one's particularly special. The first five stories in the series are reprints, having originally … Continue reading Just published – The Dame Don’t Whimper

Just published – Girl in Pieces

If you're an arachnophobe, I'd advise you to look away now. That's because my latest ebook is full of spiders. In particular, there's a rather unfriendly spider queen called Arachne who likes to lay her eggs in unseemly places. If you're very unlucky, she'll show you her spinnerets ... The ebook in question is called … Continue reading Just published – Girl in Pieces

Just published – Still Point

If you've been following the strange adventures of my dimension-hopping detective, you may like to know there's new String City Mysteries ebook available. It's called Still Point and, like the others in the series, it's published by 40k Books and is available for Kindle and iTunes. This latest story sees our gumshoe hero playing Scheherazade … Continue reading Just published – Still Point