Coming soon – Still Point

Dust off your fedora - my dimension-hopping detective is getting ready for another adventure. The next instalment in The String City Mysteries, published for Kindle and iTunes by 40kBooks, will shortly be rolling off the e-press. This latest story is called Still Point. It's about a heist that takes place in one of String City's … Continue reading Coming soon – Still Point

The String City Mysteries book trailer

I just spent a happy Saturday afternoon putting together a book trailer for The String City Mysteries. Video by me, music courtesy of Kevin McCleod (featured tracks are Epic Unease and Scheming Weasel).

Just published: Syren

The third of my fantasy detective ebooks has just rolled off the virtual production line. Like The Wooden Baby and Dead Wolf in a Hat before it, Syren is that most handy of things - a novelette. It's the perfect length for the writer (so much quicker to produce than those pesky novels) and just … Continue reading Just published: Syren

Take a Tour of String City

All I wanted to do was write a light-hearted detective story in the hard-boiled tradition, with a little squeeze of fantasy just to juice things up. What I never planned to do was invent a whole other world. It happened like this. After a delightful weekend reading Dashiell Hammett stories, I got the urge to … Continue reading Take a Tour of String City