Flatland illustration by Graham EdwardsFlatland was intended to be the eighth of my String City Mystery stories about a dimension-dabbling detective. I say ‘intended’ because I never actually finished it: it seemed the story wasn’t content to be the novelette I thought it was and tried instead to become a novel. So, for now at least, it remains on the back burner. As a rule, I don’t publish unfinished material, but this project was a little unusual in that, as I wrote Flatland, I blogged about it in some detail.

The premise of the story is simple enough. Our hero awakes to find the city he lives in has been flattened – literally. Someone’s stolen all but two of its dimensions. The question is who? And why?

Sorry, but you may never know the answers to those questions. However, if you want to read the first 9,000 words or so of my detective’s quest for the truth, you can download Flatland (an unfinished manuscript) as a PDF.

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