Undead Manuscripts


Every fiction writer has a trunk full of broken manuscripts. Most of mine are sad, lifeless things, best left to rot undisturbed. But a few of them are different. Neither dead nor alive, they dwell in purgatory, neither wholly abandoned nor fit to be seen. They are the Undead Manuscripts.

I’d be crazy to publish them on this blog. They’re shambling, hulking things, the walking dead of the literary world. Nevertheless, each of them has a certain look in its eyes. Somewhere deep inside, the promise of life remains, which is why I’ve decided to share just a chapter from each. By bringing them at least partway into the light, I might finally be able to decide whether any of them truly deserves to live again.

Click on the links below to read complete chapters from my graveyard of the undead. I’ll gradually expand this list over time (trust me, I have enough of these things to create an entire zombie army).

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