Head, Heart, Blood, Guts

There's something bugging you, isn't there? You're thinking: "That wretched Edwards fellow has been suspiciously quiet about the fiction he's writing lately. Has he found better things to do? Has he run out of ideas? Is he in a coma?" The answers to the above questions, in order, are, "Yes (sort of). No. And no … Continue reading Head, Heart, Blood, Guts

Black Dog Days 03

Word count: 17,564 "When it comes to your first draft, just get the story down. Never mind the mess. And whatever you do don't waste time editing. That comes later." That's what most writers say. I've said it myself on this blog. It's good advice. Sometimes I even stick to it. What's life about, however, … Continue reading Black Dog Days 03

Black Dog Days 02

Word count: 10,918 Writing a novel is like building a house from Lego. Each word's a brick. The best bricks of all - the ones you end up using the most - are those commonplace rectangular ones. They're sturdy and square, they come in an appealing range of basic shapes and colours and there's no … Continue reading Black Dog Days 02

Black Dog Days 01

Well, I've finally picked up the project I put aside a few months ago in order to rewrite The Frozen King. It's a novel called Black Dog and I'm pleased to say the forced hiatus has given me both fresh enthusiasm and a fresh perspective. I'd written about 20,000 words before I had to put … Continue reading Black Dog Days 01

Black Dog – work in progress 1

Here's the first few paragraphs of Black Dog, my current work in progress. I'm not sure how many of these excerpts I'm going to post. This may be the first and last. Or there may be more to come. It's early days and I'm feeling my way, so I've no idea if the final manuscript … Continue reading Black Dog – work in progress 1

Black Dog begins

Writing fiction is like driving a herd of cattle across the American West. It's fascinating and filthy, it drips with sweat and beauty and it regularly brings you up short against vast lonely vistas against which you're forced to reappraise your soul. It also wears you out, which is why I've been having a bit … Continue reading Black Dog begins