Animated Insanity With “Mad God (Part 3)”

If you're a fan of stop-motion animation, icky underworlds and slavering monsters, you'll want to jump on board the Mad God express. Mad God (Part 3), the third instalment in a series of nightmarish short films by legendary animator and visual effects supervisor Phil Tippett, is now looking for backers on Kickstarter. Not that it's … Continue reading Animated Insanity With “Mad God (Part 3)”

Phil Tippett talks “Mad God” on the Cinefex Blog

I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing animation maestro Phil Tippett for the Cinefex blog. During a Hollywood career spanning nearly forty years, Phil has created extraordinary visual effects for films including Star Wars, RoboCop, Jurassic Park and the Twilight saga, to name but a few. Phil has recently completed his own independent animated … Continue reading Phil Tippett talks “Mad God” on the Cinefex Blog