Catacombia: Keepers of the Flame (writing as R.L. Ferguson)

Catacombia: Keepers of the Flame by Graham Edwards, writing as R.L. Ferguson

Far below the surface of the Earth lies an ancient city of magic and wonder. This is Catacombia, where a dark secret lies slumbering.

Once again, Sam and Ella have proved themselves able to thwart the plans of the power-hungry demon Grimorga. But their victory came at a cost. Chaos and insecurity are now spreading throughout Catacombia. To make matters worse, this struggle for supremacy over the underground city is threatening to spill over to the upper world. The only ones who can help are the mysterious Keepers of the Flame. However, nobody seems to know who these enigmatic people are … or where to find them.

Published in German translation by Ravensburger, Catacombia: Keepers of the Flame is the final instalment in a fantasy trilogy for younger readers, written by Graham Edwards under the pseudonym R.L. Ferguson.