School of Alyxa (writing as R.L. Ferguson)

School of Alyxa - Secrets and ShadowsSuperhuman kids, a missing girl and a thousand-year-old mystery.

The adventure begins when Finn and his older brother, John, are ripped from their normal lives and sent to Alyxa, an island school that doesn’t appear on any map. As the unusual lessons at Alyxa begin, the brothers learn about their extraordinary abilities, but nothing can prepare them for the perils to come. To conquer their fears, they must master their senses, which are far more powerful than they had ever imagined …

Winner of the 2019 Northern Lights Book Award for Best Fantasy, School of Alyxa: Secrets and Shadows is the first instalment in a fantasy trilogy for younger readers, written by Graham Edwards under the pseudonym R.L. Ferguson and published in the UK by Willow Tree Books.